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The Points and Rules for the Cheltenham Fantasy Challenge

Points Breakdown:

  • 1st Place (Non Fav) – 6 points
  • 1st Place (Fav) –  5 points
  • 1st Place ( 10/1 or over) – 10 points
  • 2nd Place – 3 points
  • 3rd Place –  1 
  • NAP (User chooses 1 horse – Double Points (eg NAP comes 3rd place – 1 point normally but 2 points with your NAP horse.


  • Entries must be in before Tuesday @ 12pm. No entries after this time accepted.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will be voided.
  • StableMate judges decisions are final.


Tie Breaker Rules

  • User A and User B both have 20 points?
  1. Whoever has the highest combom of 1st place odds wins. So for example A has two 3/1 winners and B has 2 even money winners then A wins.
  • What if the total “highest combo of 1st place odds” are the same?
  1. In this case, its biggest price wins. A had a 5/1 winner while B’s best was a 3/1. A wins.
  • If after going through the Sudden Death Rules above, 1,2 and 3, for “first place horse” the same order of rules shall then apply to the “second place horses” and in the case of a further tie at second place horses then the same order of rules shall pass on to the “third place horses”.


  • If after all of the above there is still deadlock between the users, well then… it’s a split pot.
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